Dear Zindagi…The Review!!

     It was long since I entered a cinema hall (yes, I kid you not), and was pleasantly surprised that it was starring SRK. The fact that…


Baar Baar Dekho… The Review!

              Everyone had a lot of expectations from this movie (was it ‘Kaala Chashma’?) and one thing is for sure… it definitely…


Mohanjodaro… The review!

             I never cease to amaze myself! Today was one of those days and I was surprised at my capacity to endure a…


Rustom… The Review!

           The feeling when you go with a lot of excitement to a first day first show, and what you see turns out to…


Bambukat … The Review!

                  Bambukat, the movie, is all about one upmanship between two ‘Saadus’ (co brothers in law, for the uninitiated!). For A,…


Sultan… The Review!

                      I had no hopes from the movie but Sultan surprised me! The movie is all about a…


Do I need to run away?

                             I am in the middle of the book, ‘The wife who ran away’ and…


The Mother and Daughter in law Saga Continues!

I recently came across a book The Mother-in-law by Veena Venugopal, which to my mind was purely fictional, with rib-tickling scenarios between the mother and daughter in law….


Sarbjit… The Review!!!

  Confession: I was totally reluctant to go see Sarbjit the movie, the main reason being Aishwarya Rai and it turns out I was correct! I had heard…


Vaisakhi List: The Review

          Another great movie, which ensures that you laugh, all the way till the end! Having said that, I am still not able to…

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