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Thoughts, it is said, go a long way to influence not only your attitude but also the circumstances. Hence, it is emphasized, to have positive thoughts. Of course, no matter how much I would want to believe, it doesn’t work like a magic wand where I dream hard of a luxury vacation in the coming summer and lo and behold, I’ll get it without working for it! But then SRK claims… if you want something hard enough, the universe conspires to get it for you! So if I don’t get my vacation, did I not want it enough? And how do I define this ‘enough’ in the first place?

People claim to have gotten stuff through this route all the time. Are they some highly evolved being? I think not! Is it chance or a mere coincidence? I know not! This brings me to another thought… what is the importance of faith? If I have faith enough in anything of my choice… be it a supreme being or a totem, will I get what I want? Or is it something that has been fabricated to keep us going? Hope sustains life they say!

Which brings me to another thought… about being Optimistic. Are the two things related? E.g. give a placebo to a patient… call it optimism or a positive attitude that he/she will get better soon or faith in the fact the best doctor in that particular field is treating him/her. Google will show a list of innumerable studies that go on to show how optimism helps the immune system.

Which makes me think… how much optimism is good? Can it have any negative fallout? Being so optimistic that one stops to perceive situations realistically? Is it so bad to prepare for a situation by thinking, ‘hmm… now what’s the worst that can happen?’ or ‘what are all the bad things that can take place?’ and accordingly make a mental note of how to deal with circumstances already played in our minds once, rather than being faced with a scenario in which we unrealistically end up thinking, ‘this can’t be happening to me, only good things are supposed to happen!’ There goes thinking on your feet! Which brings me to another question… how do we know what is good or bad? We may not get the job we so desired and worked hard for. People invariably end up saying, ‘it’s all for the good. In the bigger picture, this wasn’t right for you.’ Not that I am disputing the way anyone thinks but the inquisitive mind sometimes does pop a question now and then… Are these things being said to overcome a particular situation, a psychological pacifier or whatever one may feel to call it? Or is it societal reinforcement to get back at being an optimist?

This is a vast field and personally, I do believe that the universe conspires in your favour… I just can’t explain the details! So while I do have that luxury holiday in mind, it’s also possible that I may get it at an unexpected time. After all, I am not the only one that the universe is on the lookout for! But I also wonder sometimes… what if people want the universe to conspire negatively against others? Is there some force, which shall keep a check on that, or will the universe just do it? Also, what about competing demands?? I shall definitely ponder further…

If one can work hard to achieve dreams, even if it is with a false pretense of some higher force helping one out, it serves its purpose! Probably then, an admixture of hard work, faith and an optimistic outlook should work well for everyone! There may come times when one id to make a decision based either on rational, logical thinking or on ones belief system. What will I do? Frankly I have no concrete answer… probably try to incorporate both! But till then, I’m going to dream hard and put the universe in motion!




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  1. Very Well said…

  2. Very thought provoking indeed!…and very well said

  3. Hmmm… Too many questions… Good ones though… I wonder… I ponder… Aah and I am sure my answers are just that…MY answers…and now I wonder are they same as yours… Can we cheat on thus test??…..

  4. It’s really nice.. I like ur writing style.. It isn’t flowery but to the point…

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