A new start

 A new day, a new start! Life is not always the way one thinks it will be or rather the way it ‘should’ be! Almost everyone has plans… made right in the teens as to how ones life would be by the time one hits the age of 30. And many a times everything seems to be going as per plan when suddenly everything changes. The change of course can be elective or imposed. At the first go, one would certainly be upset about it and start questioning the whys and why nots and ultimately find oneself in a state where one has no clue as to where to go next, from where to start!

Everyone has ideas. Problem is, they are more often than not dismissed for a ‘n’ number of reasons. So what if one actually pursues an idea… no matter how trivial or how insignificant it might seem?? It might open new doors, new opportunities or it might just get one back to square one. But then, the mind shall at least have the satisfaction of having tried! Of being rid of that bugging question… what if ??

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  1. Life is all about introspection and mid course correction… And then mid mid course correction… And then mid mid mid…. Oh well… You get it… Right?

  2. I agree with you. I feel as long as we do our best in a situation, it can be satisfying.

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