It’s been ages since I sat down and wrote (and I don’t mean movie reviews). So, I thought I’ll write today, with no idea about what! But lets see what my mind spews out!

         I had a dream a few days ago… I was told by a famous celebrity (the identity of whom shall not be revealed for obvious reasons), to just keep writing whatever comes in my head. I found that idea appealing in the dream itself but wasn’t so sure about how it would work out in real life. I started thinking… is it possible to write without giving much thought? Well, of course it is, but then would it make much sense? Of course, I will not be blind to the idea of people finding my work pretty nonsensical even if much thought has been given to it and hence another thought… why bother giving it much thought in the first place? Once again, I’m amazed at my cerebral abilities (and not the lack thereof), to think of weird, inconsequential, random stuff and make it sound complicated, if not interesting. (uh, or let’s say, as I would like to think!).

         Then another thought comes to my mind… how do you decide what is consequential or not? I mean what may be important for me might be trivial for M (my son, remember?) and a highly complicated matter, to be stored in the dark recesses of ones mind, never to be touched, for A (my husband, d’uh! 😉 ). And who in the first place decides about the importance? Do we not give in to the societal norms too easily? Just because I’m a busy professional does not mean that the thought of lazying around the whole day should not come to mind. (Alas! It remains just that… a thought!). Now, this may not be a good example of what I’m saying but you understand my point and kind of proves my point as well… I get to decide what a good example should be! Why is it that we have given someone else the power to decide the relevance and importance of thoughts and not just that, but also the proper time that we should be thinking about them!

         Oh well, I’m thinking up a storm right now (Best of luck M n A!) and yes! Writing what so ever comes to your mind seems to work at different levels… cathartic and bringing clarity to thought!hmmm

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