The only thing I know is that I know nothing; and I’m not quite sure that I know that.

That apart, I aspire to be a good human being! I took up blogging purely as a hobby and enjoy writing no matter how quirky, interesting, funny or amusing anyone might find it to be!

Here’s what some of my friends think of me:

Rohan Mittal

“She is the ultimate “wannabe” prankster! If u r trying 2 think of n opening line 4 this female, try relating d last prank that u played on somebody and u will c her instantly light up like a Christmas tree, all ears 2 soak in d minutest of d details. Her fondness 4 taking somebody’s “case” is only rivaled by her warmth 2wrds fellow nutsters and a strong maternal appeal 4 squirrels.

A self-proclaimed psychologist, this lawyer need not b trifled with 4 not only can she leave u short of breath by citing a number of equally befitting reasons y u should reconsider ur decision of continuing 2 live, she will simultaneously use her knowledge of criminal law 2 point out d legal consequences of committing suicide! As soon as u realize d conundrum u r in and begin 2 perspire, she will swoop in with her favourite “counseling” pitch, suggesting that u should carry on with ur plans of suicide and that she will b happy 2 handle ur case! Happy 2 have a friend like her, u will not pause and think for a moment that y u even thought of suicide in d first place!

A master of dummy jobs, this female happens 2 b n uncannily shrewd orator who will never miss a chance 2 spar verbally! She fights not 2 prove her opinion but 2 simply fight, as more often than not opinions r formed during d course of d argument, and cease 2 matter as d argument ends. And where words or d Indian Penal Code fails 2 function, she uses her deadly looks 2 drive her point home!

Most of her idle time (which is like her entire time) is spent watching movies, reading books(especially Garfield and Snoopy) or plotting battles (that r never enacted)! A total foodie, she has n enormous appetite 4 lazing around and pretending that she’d been hard at work throughout!

Al-n-al, she’s 1 of a kind…A kind that is usually d result of a military experiment gone awry and should not be disturbed till Judgment Day!

And if u think that I made up al this, just try 2 bad mouth any SRK movie…do let me know in advance coz everybody luvs fireworks!”


Roopak Suri

“She’s one heck of a lady…extremely intelligent, one of the best debaters – she can defeat all your arguements with ease, lawyer (its in her blood), psychologist at its worst (she can freak you out with her questions), very lazy…and often misinterpreted as a snob (which I discovered she ain’t). Loves old comics, old songs, and many other things which are old (don’t know why)…she belongs to the yore…loves movies like Veer Zaara(don’t know why), shah rukh khan fan (don’t know why).

All in all a pretty lady with big brains, young heart, sweet personality and an addictive smile to carry all this with panache.

Caution – if you are looking for some help on your health, never go to this lady… :). She can be extremely dangerous and sensitive at the same time!!!”

Ila Gupta

“My ‘oldest’ friend (kidding yaar ). My pen-pal (lazy pen-pal). My piece of good luck. She is the one person I trust without ever knowing how much. She is the friend who is the farthest from me, but always near. She is the one who came and stayed in my heart. My great friend. I know her, and yet many-a-times, I know nothing about her life. It is a special bond, I believe; one that she and I, both, lovingly care for. A beautiful, smart individual. A sensitive, understanding friend. I have always liked her for speaking her mind. My first choice for a partner in a magical or mystery-ous adventure. My friend forever. I wish only the best for the best.”