ainwayi ainwayi


Yes, I did actually go and see this movie; no, I haven’t lost my marbles (though debatable some might say); I’m a movie lover and have seen movies of the likes of ‘Ekam’ and ‘Sukhmani’!

Coming back to the movie… uhh… what do I say?? Gauhar Khan can’t act! Even where the script was good, she couldn’t carry it off! Jassi Gill can only sing (though had serious doubts in a few places).

Had some high hopes with the funny court scene (I’m of course overlooking serious discrepancies in the court functioning here). The second time the scene came, was also the second best scene in the movie and after that, even they became a drag!

I don’t really have much to contribute but the message which the movie (probably) gives out is… couples tend to squabble over non issues, which then spiral out of control and secondly, you better resolve your issues before getting hit with a truck and then aimlessly roaming around in the lonely hospital corridors!

My husband was of the view that the movie doesn’t even deserve a review… after all, paying for the ticket was akin to ‘ainwayin ainwayin lut jaana!’





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