Everyone had a lot of expectations from this movie (was it ‘Kaala Chashma’?) and one thing is for sure… it definitely isn’t your run of the mill Bollywood masala romantic comedy.

                    The childhood story is taken care of during the titles and starts with how young college going girls are star struck by their well built maths teacher (No guesses for guessing who) and an aspiring artist who is in love with the teacher and has allegedly been making decisions since the age of 8 and decides that its time they got married. This is where problems ensue and the man clearly states how he wants to get away from it all and how research in mathematics is all important to him. So the couple has a fight and the high on champagne man drifts away in deep slumber, only to awaken in Thailand, their honeymoon. From then on, everytime he sleeps, he awakes in a different year in the future and realizes that he is isolated and all alone. The movie then revolves on how he sets things straight.

                The central theme about the movie is ‘balance’! a noble thought… do you give career so much importance that your life whizzes by, without realizing when your kids grew up and when your spouse drifted away? Or do you try and strike a balance between different aspects. A no brainer, really, but could have been executed much better!

               Ram Kapoor was a surprise package! He can act and act well but was totally underutilized. Siddharth Kapoor wasn’t at his best. No doubt the ‘script demanded’ a lost look, but he carried it a little too far. Katrina Kaif we know can’t emote.

              All in all, a rainy day movie, if you have nothing better to do. The songs were decent and d’uh! You know which one takes the cake! But! Will I see it baar baar? The movie did teach me an important lesson… don’t repeat mistakes…



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