bajirao mastani

         Opulent sets, extravagant costumes and attention to detail are the first to strike you about the movie and unfortunately, the only that will stay with you throughout the long, unbearable movie!

         All efforts have gone in only looking good! Let me be frank… I saw the movie on Friday itself, but was too lazy in writing about it! And come to think of it, what is there to write after all? Bajirao has a good, pretty wife, which he also acknowledges as his close confidant but then is mesmerized with a lady who knows how to ride a horse and use her sword… so much so that he is ready to help save her kingdom within a blink of an eye! Yes, all the military and political prowess of the Peshwa goes to the wind!

         Okay, some might argue about the portrayal of true love… how she bore all hardships and how they breathed their last at the same time, at different locations but for me, a hardcore romantic I must add, there were no feelings evoked! I would prefer watching Veer Zara again or reading Heer Ranjha! And though its not the fault of the director in what the Peshwa did, somehow, I was angered at the way he chose to have another wife!

         Ranveer Singh was full of energy as always and I think everyone did a pretty fair and decent job but who observes the acting in such lavish sets and costumes?

         Without getting into the mundane reasons, as we were getting ready to leave even before the interval, the only thing to keep us back were the goodies that we had ordered. (Yes, gastronomic pleasures) and also secretly hoping that the second half would be more gripping! And then the insightful comment by A (my husband, remember?), ‘Bhansali got over ambitious… making such a movie and then releasing it along with Dilwale!’

            Word of advice, stay away! Go watch Snoopy with your kid instead!

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