Bambukat … The Review!



                Bambukat, the movie, is all about one upmanship between two ‘Saadus’ (co brothers in law, for the uninitiated!). For A, the best option to view over the weekend.

         The movie starts with Channan Singh marrying and adoring his new bride, the dark complexioned sister, who much to her surprise, is praised by someone for the first time in her life. Their peaceful existence has an unexpected hurdle when they go for the girls brothers engagement, in the form of Resham Singh, aka the elder brother in law, aka ‘Afsar Sahib’, the station master, who arrives in style in his ‘Bambukat’! It doesn’t end there and continues… be it the way things are served to the elder, discrimination in the presents given etc. The younger one decides to do something about it and purchases a motorcycle for himself, with the money he gets after selling off a camel,least realising that he buys a stolen bike, a fact for which he has to pay a heavy price for, later on. His love for machines helps him in jail, where he makes a ‘bambukat’ of his own, lands him a job in the Kings workshop and makes his dream of owning a ‘bambukat’ of his own come true, only to be outdone by his elder brother in law, yet again!

         The performances by all actors are amazing. Ammy Virk, as well as the others, do a good job. Binnu Dhillon, twirling his moustache and raising his eyebrows, matched with other expressions, plays the perfect elder brother in law. Good dialogues, like, don’t touch my bambukat, door khad ke hairaan hovo, etc. make for a good laugh.

         All in all, a good movie, reflective of the mind set then, and a must watch. A’s verdict, Kamaal di movie hai!



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  1. Amardeep Singh

    Wonderfully written, your reviews have spared us horrors in the past and this one encourages us to go for the movie.

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