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The early bird, they say, catches the worm but has anyone given a thought to the poor worm? He could have still been in his cozy bed, alive! What is it about being looked down upon if one is lazy? Since childhood, one is told to do away with laziness, no matter how much the parents indulge in being lazy themselves! I shall delve on the normally understood meaning of being lazy and not get technical as to how it is a mental state of an individual who has no desire/will to perform tasks!

Since the very beginning of my time, I have liked being lazy and which if I might add, produced some excellent results! The mundane and laborious way of doing things takes a backseat and more innovative ideas come to fore (for only a lazy person can understand the importance of finishing a task fast and sit in front of the TV as soon as possible, incidentally with coke n chips lying next to the couch!). It’s hard work, incidentally, to keep coming up with new and innovative ideas but as the wisdom of the wise goes, hard work always pays! So what if Jughead is lazy… he is brilliant and always manages to feed his stomach. Homer Simpson of course is a different case altogether!

I would go to the extent of saying that indulging in this art form in fact can prove to be therapeutic! A day spent in bed with comics, TV, food, sleep, food, books, sleep, food can work wonders can’t it?

The question that arises for consideration is, is it wrong to be lazy as long as work is not only being done on time but efficiently as well? Or even if a non-lazy person puts up his feet once in a while? What about the hard workers who no matter hard they try can’t get it right anyways? Well, of course the argument that they are at least trying but then why do they get more credit just for trying, when better results can be achieved by a person with just half the effort?

Dennis the Menace in one of his pictures, arms on his eyes, relaxing on a sofa, says that ‘Do not disturb, great mind at work’. A perfect poster adorning the walls of a lazy person but to the discerning mind, it has a lot of meaning! Even though I’m relaxing, my mind is churning up ways and ideas of ‘how to finish work faster’, ‘how to get more sleep in a day’, et al. Tom Sawyer tricked his neighbours into whitewashing his fence… laziness or sheer brilliance? So this leads me to another interesting question… are only brilliant minds lazy? Or is brilliance perceived as laziness for lack of proper understanding of the depths of brilliance of the alleged lazy mind?


Food for thought, but for the time being, let me end with a quote from Oscar Wilde, when he says,

“To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world, the most difficult and the most intellectual.”


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  1. Definitely food for thought… Reminds me of the poster I always had in my office that said…”ofcourse I am not busy, I got it right the first time!”

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