the bestseller she wrote


                    There are times when I question my passion for reading books at every opportunity I get, and this is the perfect example… Down with Viral, I picked up Ravi Subramanian’s, ‘The bestseller she wrote’, and finished it in less than 24 hours. A gripping story? Ample time and the urge to get over it as soon as possible would probably explain it better!

                       The author follows the trend with most Indian authors these days… a manuscript for a movie, under the garb of a book! The book, in my opinion is a missed opportunity! What could have been a page turner turned out to be a shoddy attempt at a thriller. Lack of a good narrative? Bollywood ambitions? Mere laziness on the part of the author? Who knows but I for one am definitely not buying his book again.

                  Interestingly, the book touches upon how Indian fiction writers are not preferred. Reading this book might prove my point to a banker friend of mine, who had urged me to read Indian authors. But I wouldn’t impose this monstrosity even on him!

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