Bombay Velvet… The Review!




‘I want to be a big shot!’ well, well, well, don’t we all now? But some get inspired only after watching Scorsese’s movie, as was the case with Johnny Balraj (Ranbir Kapoor). He comes across an abused singer Rosie (Anushka Sharma) and instantly knows she’s going to be his! (How unique!).

So, the movie starts with Raveena croning away, ‘Dhobi Ka kutta na ghar ka nag hat ka’ and goes on to ‘aam Hindustani teri kismet kharaab hai’; setting the tone for a newly partitioned India.

The movie also marks the debut of the man who I personally believe responsible to have single handedly ruined the career of his alleged good friend Shahrukh Khan! (Of course, some, including me, may argue how SRK is beyond ‘ruin able’ and that it was his acting prowess that he portrayed characters in movies like KANK to be totally nonsensical, but then that’s a subject matter for another post!).  Johnny tries to con Karan Johar (Kaizad Khambata) in a most feeble manner and the latter actually gets impressed enough to make him a front for illegal activities and run his Bombay Velvet club!

In all fairness, Johar did try his best and acts all ‘gangsterish’ and would have succeeded but one still laughs at his attempts just for the reason that he’s Karan Johar!

Ranbir Kapoor also makes an earnest effort and does kind of pull it off in between, but for me, that’s about it. Anushka Sharma, hmmm, she acts and sings with a blank emotion. Ok, you say, she’s been abused since childhood, but even when she falls in love, no emotion shows on her face… even in the song she sings after Ranbir finds out that she was actually sent as a spy! Now, whether that was a part of the script or she was concentrating to control her fabricated lips to the extent that made her forget about her expressions, I guess I’ll never know! Kay Kay as the crime branch guy and Ranbirs partner in crime, Chimman (Satyadeep Misra) do their meager roles well.

Now, coming to the plot. Well, ever since I’ve seen the movie, I’ve been trying to figure out what it was! A crime or a mystery thriller laced with deadly espionage, the making of Bombay and the attached scandals, competing ideologies, romance, newspaper rivalries?? Probably the film makers ambitiously thought of rolling it all into one but for me, failed quite miserably! The first half, though boring, did leave me in the hope of the story developing but… the less said the better I think!

The music started off as promising (how can you go wrong with jazz?) but then became a little boring and monotonous towards the end but I would still consider that as one of the high points of the movie.

All in all, a movie, which did have the potential to be a total gripper, falls flat into a silly, highly predictable bollywood romance (if you would call that) and leaves you totally disappointed.






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  1. Are you going to be so punctual with the reviews? Or u’ll spare a few movies to be thought over fr watching before u do? BTW, thanks for saving us the pain of watching Bombay Velvet as I had anticipated disappointment when I saw the trailer. However, I would Hv considered watching the movie for Ranbir but for the review.

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