Bose, the Mystery!

The never-ending controversy surrounding Netaji Subhash Chander Bose has once again gained momentum with the reports of the family being snooped upon by the government for 20 years! It is pretty intriguing as to how at every social gathering, people who don’t seem to have even the slightest clue of the history, contributions, enquiry committees and their reports, but vaguely remember the name from their history books, seem to have a seemingly informed opinion!

The social butterfly flutters about how demonic the governments are and how the right of privacy is infringed impetuously and how this very conversation might just be tapped. (Of course she presumes the government to be well aware of her social importance!)

Anyways, this makes me think… can we ever come to know the real facts? Can the mystery be ever solved? Would declassifying documents be enough? I mean none of the relevant people are with us right now… who knows what went on in the minds of Nehru and Gandhi (presuming of course that the conspiracy theorists were correct in saying that Bose never died in the air crash); who knows what deals…written or unwritten… were underway and what action might have been perceived as the real good for gaining independence. Point being, can we really ever know?

It also makes one think… had he been alive, it would have taken a real mastermind to have feigned the air crash or a more probable thing would be, feign his demise in an air crash which actually took place (not to forget the grey areas wherein some reports say that the air crash was never documented). All the so-called eyewitnesses might have seen the entire incident but without knowing the identity of Bose; and in any case, it would be difficult recognizing a person with third degree burns. And those few, who knew the truth, were sworn to secrecy. (For reasons, which could be anybody’s guess).

Also, if he in fact, did return to India and spent the remainder of his life as a hermit, as many believe, would he not make any contact with his family? Why would he be in hiding in his own country, where surely, he had lots of public support? Why would he not rejoice in the independence of his country, a cause for which he truly believed in? Was he too part of some conspiracy, which we would never know?

And the mind wanders to another thought… is it a possibility, even a remote one, that he was perhaps a time traveller? In which case one would obviously presume that he came from the future and since tickets for time travel are not yet on sale, from the distant future. Did he see something in the future and put India on a totally different course of time? Would we, as a nation, have been better off had we gone along the scheduled course? Or was he just passing through with an urge of doing something adventurous, proved himself and then suddenly, poof! Goes back to his own time. I guess we’ll never really know! (Or till Anil Kapoor succeeds! )

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  1. it was well timed coincidence to release all such news to the media during his anniversary week!
    Btw, I am more interested in knowing what happened next with that ‘social butterfly’ 😛

    • she has now directed her thoughts towards more pressing issues of political and national interest… will her designer suit ever be able to match the latest trend 😉

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