It was long since I entered a cinema hall (yes, I kid you not), and was pleasantly surprised that it was starring SRK. The fact that it was not advertised enough despite him starring in it should have been a big clue to not even enter the hall but then logic conveniently closes its eyes when SRK is involved! So Dear Zindagi it was!

         Dear Zindagi, I kept saying to myself throughout… has my life come to such a pass that I actually have to go and watch such like movies? Alas, so movie deprived I was that I actually sat through this monstrosity! Now, had it been a part of my psychology curriculum when I was in college, things might have been different and I would have gladly analysed Alia’s behaviour as a typical spoilt brat and how SRK could have been better with his advise but then, my idea of going to a movie theatre is all about fun and entertainment. God knows we all have enough troubles to face up to in real life!

         Then comes the performance part. Alia, hmmm, I can’t seem to make up my mind but then I’ve always found her to be a tad bit irritating. SRK, after a long time has not over acted and comes across pretty good. Unfortunately, the movie was a total waste, as was Ali Zafar!

         Well, the movie could have been more fun and entertaining and still could have managed to give out a message… whatever it meant to. After all, isn’t the first lesson in psychology that no two individuals are the same? And hence it doesn’t make sense giving out life sermons based on one fictional character, when it’s not going to be of any use to any one in particular. (of course, I shall not delve into how much harm it might bring to all those who prefer to derive their life gyan from movies). It would have been better had the fictional character been given a fun twist and an element of comedy had been introduced in it.

         So the final question… will I go watch it again? D’uh! Even the huge and crazy SRK fan inside of me refuses to sit through that again!

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