Dilwale… The Review!

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                We try and inculcate the concept of punctuality in our child. So what if we reach just seconds before the final bell, we’re still on time for school! Today was different… Our child (Let me call him M, the relation to James bond movies being total coincidental) was in the school premises a good 15 minutes before time and we were in time to catch the First Day, First Show of you guessed it!

                So! Our very own Raj Bhai wakes up from a bad dream and the movie begins, with him and his younger brother Veer, engaged with the business of modifying high end cars.

            Coming to the story line… reminds you a bit of K3G, two older siblings and two younger siblings falling in love with each other, but with a difference… the love story of the older two has gone sour in this case, both belonging to two rival gangs based in Bulgaria! With both dads ending up killing each other, Kajol thinks that SRK had in fact killed her dad and hence the misunderstanding. Both relocate to Goa to live a more meaningful and peaceful life, and fate gets the two younger siblings together, who make an attempt to patch things up between the elders!

             Now, the script had flaws here and there (I mean, it’s early morning and the girl is rushing to the municipal office before it closes in 10 minutes!) but let me not dwell on those. The movie had a few good dialogues here and there. When Shahrukh says, ‘hum shareef kya hue saari duniya hi badmaash ho gayi’ and then flashback 14 years! Kajol shows good acting prowess when her true identity is revealed and she doesn’t take Shahrukhs life and says ‘chod diya, aaj mera birthday hai’! A’s observation… (A, my husband!) when Shahrukh forbids Kajol from showing her face again or he will take her jaan… ‘jaan to abhi le lai bhai!’ (only to depict the expressions portrayed by Kajol).

              Everyone has done a wonderful job of acting except well, and it aches my heart to say this, SRK and Kajol! We do get glimpses of his old charm, the one we fell in love with, now and then, but well, he could have done better!! Everyone else played their parts well. Varun Dhawan shows a lot of promise.

           There was a lot of old school comedy, but I did hear chuckles around. Towards the end, with all the nonsense jingles, the old story, good music and picturisation of songs, clichéd jokes, SRK when he looked good sans the beard in the flashback and when he didn’t look so good, we were having fun! Will I see it again, uhh, I’ve made plans with mom already!!

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  1. I don’t know what I anticipate more eagerly, srk movie or your review? love the humour in your review, can’t say the same for the movie. But I might watch it only for Johnny lever

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