Psychologists have now confirmed that there are a few basic sets of emotions that are prevalent across cultures… fear being one of them. In the most plain and simple of terms, it can be described as an emotion in reaction to some kind of danger or threat, actual or perceived. We all get scared… right from the time of being toddlers! Even as we grow, a simple ‘Boo!’ from a friend/sibling hidden behind the door can cause an instant reaction of getting scared. (The reaction, intensity thereof may vary but then this is not a psychology class!)

A similar incident made my Husband comment, ‘your sudden appearance would have scared even a ghost!’ and hence the question in my mind… do ghosts get scared?? This is assuming the fact that ghosts do exist and are everywhere (Am I, at some subconscious level, being prodded by a ghost to write this?).

Of course, humans (or most of them) are perpetually scared of ghosts and hence the aversion from haunted houses and haunted so much stuff! Poor ghosts… such negative PR! (Yes, the possibility of being prodded on suddenly seems more real). Mothers are often heard putting their kids to sleep lest a ghost comes (Gabbar being a variant).

So nothing new about people getting scared of ghosts but imagine! A ghost randomly drifting (or whatever they do) suddenly bumps into another! (Assuming of course they can bump and not pass through each other) and both shriek! Or worse still, the ghost bumps into you and yells, ‘Human!!!’ and whizzes away without you ever coming to know of your capability of scaring a ghost!

This also makes me wonder… do ghosts discuss humans? Well, I assume they were in human form as well, but maybe now perceive things from a dimension unknown to us or have heightened knowledge or now belong to the ‘enlightened ones’ (Casper?? have you finally come to meet me??) do they communicate ‘directly’ with humans? Or maybe have some kind of an erase mechanism after the communication; and why would they want to communicate in the first place? Or are they simply scared of the blood curdling screams they might have to hear if they attempted any such thing?

Well, with my thinking cap on, I’m smug enough with the knowledge that I ‘probably’ have it in me to scare a ghost! (And definitely humans as my husband might add). Boo!