I was recommended this book by an avid book reader and possibly the only reason why I finished reading it is because I hate leaving books in between! Maybe also in the hope for something more interesting to come! (maybe it was just my friend getting back at me for some childhood prank!)

The author tries to weave a complicated plot which probably even the likes of Ekta Kapoor would avoid (or not!). The ‘hero’ suddenly realizes how short life is and how he should gather himself and his life before he fades away into oblivion.

Miraculously, he gains confidence enough to flirt with women, happens to meet the Chairman of his bank on a flight (who, but of course, takes an instant liking), resolves a tricky marriage situation, and finds the love of his life! Yes, we encounter such things everyday!

Though the theme may be noble… bounce back no matter what the circumstances, the author, in my opinion, fails to make the plot grasping or realistic! Humour? Well, I read through the entire book without so much as a smile! But then, taking a cue from the book and thinking on the positive side, the plot does remind one of the old movies of the 60’s… a hero doing well in his life and love, ending with a fight scene and all the ‘good characters’ coming together in the end for a happy ending. Yes, I was also happy for the book to finally come to an end!




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