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          For all those critics out there… his and mine, SRK is back and how! First surprise: an avid fan like me didn’t know it was Shahrukh himself playing the fan. You can imagine my surprise!

         Enters Gaurav (played by SRK), the fan who eats, drinks, sleeps and breathes Aryan Khanna (played by SRK! Yes, I still can’t seem to get over this fact), the successful Bollywood actor, who lately hasn’t been delivering hits and has temper issues to the extent that he beats up a rising star, Sid Kapoor, who in turns threatens to lodge an FIR.

         The fan goes to Bombay and imitates his idol by travelling in the same train without a ticket and staying in the same room of the same hotel where he stayed before making it big. He aspires to show him the trophy he had won in a show by imitating him. As expected, he is unable to meet him but he decided to give him a birthday gift he won’t forget. He forces an apology out of Sid Kapoor! He expects a meeting and a thank you from his idol but to his utter shock ends up in jail. When he voices his respect, SRK asks why he should give even 5 seconds of his life. The fan in an amazing display of his acting prowess declares… Gaurav hai to Aryan, Gaurav nahi to Aryan nahi.

         The fan pledges that from then on, the star will run after the fan and their names will always be taken together. After a year, the fan uses his similar looks to the disadvantage of the star and almost manages putting an end to his reputation and stardom. I will leave the end to your imagination.

         SRK did an amazing job! The betrayed look when his idol refuses to part time for him, when he tries to conceal his disappointment from his parents and asks his mother to make rajma chaawal, the time when he resolves to extract revenge and many others, are absolute proof that there is still hope left for all us fans!

         It’s really amazing how as a fan SRK imitates himself! So imagine… he has to come across as just being there, even though he already is… now that is true acting! There a few lessons to be learnt as well, how to tame one’s obsessions, the role played by parents, how to be humble etc., but hey! I was there for you know who… Another avid fan liked the movie so gripping that she even forgot the popcorns in her hand! Talking of the non-fans, A also loved the movie! So should you go watch it? Need I really answer that??

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  1. I always wait for your reviews! You are the best!

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