First day to school… the child’s view

It’s a little weird today. I’m being woken up by my parents contrary to whatever time I wake up on and it’s not even a holiday because my parents are getting ready for their work, as everyday. As I make a protest, they get all excited about getting me ready for my first day to school! Hmm, okay, I did agree to going to school when they told me all about the toys, and playgrounds and other kids but does it have to be so early? What about my beauty sleep? Oh, well! I decide to give in. I’m dressed in one of my smartest clothes, packed with a new bag, bottle, the works! Sometimes, I think if they bought all this purely for the love of me or just to satisfy their own desires?

Ok, I’m all set!! We reach the school building. I’m still excited. We enter and suddenly my grip on my mothers’ hand strengthens (odd since most of the time I now want to explore territories myself. I am 3 years old after all!) This is probably what adults refer to as ‘instinct’. Hmm, my first step in school and I’m already smarter. My parents then introduce me to an overly sweet lady, who they then tell me is my teacher. I can see it in her eyes… as soon as my parents leave, she will be the devil herself! My mind instantly makes an elaborate plan of how to avoid this situation… I start howling!!! The teacher just picks me up and takes me to the classroom. I was right! She is the devil. Oh, how could my parents be so wrong?? The once so protective, always asking me to stay with them, suddenly leave me all alone with this stranger! Adults can be so hypocritical!

I am taken to a classroom full of other kids. But to my utter surprise, they are all silent! Why are they not protesting? Why are not plotting against this lady? Ohhh, am I the only one with a high IQ here?? Wait! I have the answer… the devil has them all under her spell… time for Plan B… I now wail at the top of my voice… Oh my God! This high pitch has no effect on the devils ear! But I shall not give in to her syrupy sweet shots to put me under her spell. She then takes me to a corner of toys. Hmm, haven’t seen many of them before I must admit. Maybe she has some good left in her. I am taking in the surroundings when suddenly she says, ‘Let’s go, your mama is waiting outside’ I jump! I see mama outside and run to her crying! I try to tell her how that lady agonized me and how I never want to come back to this monstrosity of a school again. My Mother, my OWN MOTHER, tries to pacify me and tries to talk me into a better day tomorrow. The devil has spread its tentacles far and wide but not to worry, I say to myself, for a new day will have my incredible mind come up with a new plan!



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  1. I think we can all relate to this well articulated thought that go on in a child’s mind!

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