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Confession: for lack of any alternate form of an appropriate mode of entertainment on a sleepy Sunday evening, I finally acquiesced to watching (shudder!!) Gabbar!

Where do I even begin? Corruption in the government offices; fleecing by the medical fraternity; an allegedly ‘cool’ professor (who apparently thinks having long locks and flicking them even while dealing with the goons makes him ‘in’); a lady lawyer who delivers a baby in a vehicle thanks to google gyan! (Wow! I suddenly feel so incompetent. After all, despite opening google everyday, I still remain a mere advocate…); the song sequences, keeping the mystery in the viewers mind alive as to how a professor (an honest one at that) can afford taking his girl to such exotic places? (Or is it my infertile mind that lacks in comprehending the wild, vivid imaginations of our movie actors?); (Note: The song, ‘Teri meri kahaani’ being an exception to the otherwise drab music); or the first smile that appears on seeing ‘Guthi’ in his/her real avatar as a police driver? (Who by the way ended up as a constable instead of an SI because of the corrupt system. Of course, the corrupt system also apparently never educated him about what UPSC is!); and how can I forget the CBI officer, special appointee of the Central Government, who was sent to dig out Gabbar, when the state police failed. (If only they had heard our ‘Guthi’… a mistake rectified by the CBI officer). In all fairness, he seems lost and clueless throughout the movie, and when Gabbar gives himself up, runs towards him (he can’t overlook the possibility that Gabbar might escape after turning himself in) and gives a totally flummoxed look! Good acting or a genuine CBI response would be anyone’s guess. How can I also overlook the birthday bash of the villain, who dances away to obnoxious lyrics and the Bollywood ingenuity where Gabbar is one of the many masked men in the gathering and takes the villain hostage! And to think, everyone made fun of Babbu Mann’s ‘Ekam’!

Akshay Kumar was just ok… we know he’s better than this! Shruti Hassan, with due respect, you’re perfect for ‘tittu ji’ and the Llyod air conditioner ads, so stick to it! Of course she probably had no role in the script, where like a typical Bimbo, she gives away (or does she?) Gabbar’s identity (only to be picked up ‘only’ by Guthi, in the presence of the ‘bright and dynamic’ CBI officer)

I pondered… what message is the movie trying to give? A noble one no doubt but is this the right way?  The Hero gloats to the villain as to how he is finally a bigger brand than him! Gabbar disagrees with the mode at the end but at the same time also says, ‘Raasta galat’ but he had no choice! Really?? Was that the best the makers could come up with? So is the movie creating a new cult of ‘Gabbarites’? (Just what we needed!) So, while I applaud how the movie highlights the flaws in our system, but we, as citizens, know them already! What we need is cogent means and methods of correcting the same and hanging mere officers surely isn’t the answer. (This being a topic for a separate post). Just as I was about to get up and say sorry I ever came to watch the movie, I zipped up as I suddenly remembered… Gabbar just hates sorry!

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  1. Your reviews make a very interesting read! would choose to read your reviews than/then watch the movie

    • Snoopy

      haha well in that case, i guess i’ll have to see as many movies as i can manage!!

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