run away

                             I am in the middle of the book, ‘The wife who ran away’ and it has started to make me think. Now, of course I don’t want to run away (at least not immediately), but halfway through the book, I can somehow empathise with the protagonist here. She is taking care of the household, putting food on the table, dealing with two horrible teenagers, a good for nothing husband (who loves her but wouldn’t express it), has to deal with mortgages, housecleaning, her overbearing mother and the list goes on. She takes a bold step and boards a plane to Italy, seeks out an old friend and takes up a job as a waitress at a local pub.

                       ‘If only life were that easy’, everyone would think; or ‘things like these don’t really happen in real life’. But that exactly is the point! The protagonist is your average lady who has never had the guts to take this step. One can only imagine her excruciating circumstances that made her do this.

                     This made me think… is such a thing possible in our society? Of course it is possible, but do people have the guts to do it? Two people immediately come to mind who would readily do it but because of their responsibilities, don’t! I’m sure many people have had this feeling at some point in their lives… ‘I just want to run away from it all’. Everyone these days leads a stressful life, the triggering factor ranging from a fight with your spouse and/or kids, bad days at work, bad days with in laws and/or parents, financial crunch and so on. But I have yet to come across a person who actually walks away! Takes a break! (of course you have to have the finances to take a break as well or you can be completely gutsy, find a job to sustain yourself and see how it goes!)

                  This made me think further… will I ever do it? Will I be able to do it? The first thing that my mind tells me… I hope you never put me in such a condition! But I would love to escape from the mundane and maybe create a new mundane! Maybe in a place where no one cares about my work performance or rather, a place where I don’t care about what people may think about me. Nestled in a cozy little fictional place like we’ve all read in Enid Blyton books, running a small café, blah blah. Or maybe, just have a summer place (or different places where I can go every summer break) and live in that illusion of breaking away. But then I would need to fund all this.

run away minion

                  This made me think a little more… am I thinking all this because I really believe in all this or simply because I didn’t go out for a vacation this summer and the book came in my hands at the wrong (or who knows the right) time? Do I want to think further? I would rather close my eyes and imagine being in a rustic town full of cafes offering tasty delights, the pavements filled with colourful flowers, the people warm and friendly, homely cottages smelling of freshly baked bread and me sitting in the comfy grandfather chair, reading a nice book, M playing with A! Snoozeville, here I come!







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