Tickets were booked early morning today! There was hope after a long time, seeing SRK but alas! Wait… I didn’t say he didn’t do a good job but then an actor can do so much as a director makes him. I still maintain… SRK is so good an actor that he will do whatever his director asks him to. (which is why Karan Johar literally ruined him for us!) And so SRK plays the part of Harry aka Harinder Singh Nehra!

The story line is downright stupid. No, wait… there is no storyline here! A Gujju girl (now why did she have to be portrayed as lawyer I ask?) misses her flight back to India because she apparently looses her engagement ring! (No prizes for guessing where she ultimately finds it). And no prizes again, for guessing as to who helps her find it!

The movie is a missed opportunity in every way! Sharukh Khan isn’t overacting after a very long time in this movie. His true potential just wasn’t tapped thanks to a dismal script. The first half was still fine (or was it the sheer excitement that made me sit through? Lets add that to the unsolved mysteries of the world) but then the second half was unbearable even for an aficionado like me.

A’s question… So what is the moral of the story? I was surprised… ‘A’ could see a moral while I? I mean I! missed it? Without even reflecting on what it could be, I eagerly asked him what and the answer was epic! ‘A girl and a boy can never be just friends! Haven’t we been taught that since Maine Pyaar Kiya?’ Sometimes I think A is in the wrong profession!

So the verdict… do you go and see it? A sheepish yes to the diehard SRK fans. The others? Well, if you have nothing better to do!




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