“If you say you are right, you are most definitely wrong!”


It all started with Crankbonkers calling up his childhood friend and reputed detective of the city – Jasper the grasper – whose sleuthing skills were considered no less that Sherlock Holmes himself! The call, made at an unearthly hour of 3a.m., unnerved Jasper and his grey matter spewed out the possibilities, which would compel him to give a call – a sudden heart attack? No, he seemed quite normal, though God knows he should reform his lifestyle! A thief lurking in the adjacent room perhaps? But his voice wasn’t in the least hushed up. He was contemplating all these possibilities, as he drove up Crankbonkers driveway. He made a dash to his room and saw Crankbonkers pacing his bedroom floor, in his royal blue nightgown. On repeatedly asking about the urgency, Jasper only got a seconds pause from all the pacing and a distant stare. As an exasperated Jasper was about to leave, Crankbonkers suddenly shouted – ‘Wait, Jasper! My gold plated keychain is nowhere to be found’. Jasper started firing him with a slew of questions… keys to your vault, the gold room or Oh Gosh! Don’t tell me where you keep locked the secret family recipe!’

‘Oh don’t be so silly! Of course it didn’t have any keys! Why, I just bought it yesterday.’

‘Don’t tell me you made me get up at this hour just to let me know that you lost a key chain which didn’t have ANY keys??’

‘Ohh, I had thought of calling you in the morning, but it totally slipped out of my mind. I suddenly rose from my deep slumber and thought it wise to let you know lest I forget again! I was right wasn’t I?’

‘If you say you are right, you are most definitely wrong! I’ve been friends with you since forever but don’t think will be ever able to fathom even the tiniest bit of the convoluted logic you always seem to apply!’


‘Oh, you can understand me all that you want some other time. But for now, help me find the key chain.’

‘Sigh! I guess I might as well. So, any clues?’

‘Absolutely none! I’ve searched the entire place upside down but to no avail.’


Jasper and Crankbonkers started the search. No nook or corner was spared. Both of them were just about to give up the physical search and put their grey matter to use when suddenly Jasper exclaimed, ‘You oblivious fool! Don’t you remember anything at all?? You had handed it over to me for safekeeping!’



© 2015 Anu Pal. All Rights Reserved.