The theme of the movie is set out in the very first scene, when Kia, aka Ki, the central character is attending a friends wedding and vents out her frustration after hearing the respective parents as to how the girl will be a support system for the groom and will keep him happy!

           In the very next scene comes the other Central character, Kabir, aka Ka, who is seen crying on the plane, missing his mother. Both the characters meet, share their dreams… the girl wants to make it big in the corporate world and the guy wants to be like his mom… a home maker! They decide to get married. Ki earns and Ka manages the house, the budget, joins the kitty groups and even starts earning by becoming a fitness trainer of his kitty group, in order to pay off  the EMI’s for the new flat they purchase.

         Ki makes it to the cover of the business magazines and Ka dons the covers of Sakhi, grahlaxmi and the likes. Ka becomes a hero of his own accord by virtue of breaking the male stereotype and carrying out the role of home-husband, with a panache! While he is riding on his wave, Ki dons the robe of a typical Indian male… She starts feeling jealous of his limelight and doesn’t like him stepping out of the house, leading her to say, ‘Tujhe Kaam nahi karna to baakiyon ko nikamma kyon bana raha hai?’ Ka resolves to give it all up, but goes to a last talk show, on the insistence of his friend, to Mumbai while ki is away to New York. Jaya Bachchan wants to meet him and he is invited to their place. Meanwhile, his mother in law gets admitted to the hospital and since Ka is with the Bachchans, he is unable to pick his phone, the same being on silent mode. Ki looses it and accuses Ka of being a con artist, a manipulative business man who used her to make it big, without doing anything conventional.

         She realizes her mistake after reading a note from Jaya Bachchan which says that it takes a lot to be a man like Kabir but it takes even more of a woman to love a man like Kabir. It is her mother who drives some sense into her and says something very relevant… It is natural for the bread winner of the family to get used to all the focus and attention and when that focus gets shifted to the partner behind the scenes, it is again natural to feel jealous!

         They get together, Ka’s father, once opposed to the entire idea, ultimately offers his daughter in law the position of CEO in his business, and all is well again.

         The movie touches the right cords, taking women empowerment beyond hollow slogans and jingoism. It does touch the other side of reality as well, where Ki’s mother announces that she really must love Kabir since girls these days go after a package… the wealth, status, the works!

         Amitabh Bachchan displays amazing acting prowess as the irritated husband, who wonders what wrong he has done to deserve Ka being treated at home; as does Jaya Bachchan, who questions her husband if he could have managed the household and that giving up acting to raise kids was her choice simply because there was no other choice! When her husband says he could have done it, she aptly replies, Kehne mein kya jaata hai, you can’t rewind it!

         Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan have both done a good job and should you go watch the movie? Yes, and take along your parents, in laws, brothers and sisters!

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