Life is tough. It can get tougher. And then, a bit more. The trick lies in bouncing back and not giving up hope. (Note to self). We all have dreams and we must have the courage to see them through, if we truly believe in them and believe n ourselves. This is exactly what La La Land portrays.

         Ryan Gosling plays a pianist who is passionate about jazz and can’t bear the traditional form dying away. He is influenced by fellow jazz player who reminds him… the jazz legends were revolutionaries and if they were traditionalists, we wouldn’t have known jazz. He encourages him to change with times and do something new and innovative. But Ryan Gosling ultimately achieves his dream of opening up his own jazz club!

         Emma Stone plays an aspiring actress, who goes from one unsuccessful audition to another. She also tries her hand at scripting her own play, which proves near fatal to her self esteem. She almost gives up her dream when Gosling encourages her to go for another audition, which proves a stepping stone for her success.

         The movie is how both of them help each other to keep believing in their respective dreams and to keep working towards them. The end is a little unconventional and hence I wont reveal the same.

         So what did I learn from the movie? No matter how hard pressed for time I might be, occupied with work, no help at home, M’s school and homework, the kitchen, blah blah blah, and of course my dream of penning that great Indian novel, I must go on! (uhh, panic attack, I’m almost there!!). Things will all sort out. I think. I hope?

         But coming back to the movie. Would I recommend it to anyone? A definite yes!

P.S. Now that you know I have no help at home, please help me find some! 😉

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