Having finished work early and not knowing what to do next can make you end up going to places you never thought even existed and in the whole process, end up seeing people you never knew existed, and that too in your own city!

This is exactly what happened with A and me. Having a few idle hours at hand (before meeting up a friend who incidentally refused to turn up at the moment. I know you’re reading this!), we stepped in to a new chai place in town. The foodies inside of us automatically transported us to this seemingly quite and deserted place, mid morning. We were in for a surprise! Barring a lone table by the window, the others were occupied by a bevy of ladies…swathed in make up, dressed in what according to them was trendy, hair all blow dried and in place, rings flashing, basically, the works!

A cursory glance and my mind immediately imagined them to be sitting cross-legged, speaking only when spoken to, replying politely, being all lady like. And then, I was hit by a double whammy! For not even in my wildest imagination could I have imagined them using cuss words!! If I were to close my eyes and make an educated guess about who was sitting on the next table, I would have gone for young 12th standard guys, whose hormones were going crazy and were acting all grown up. (there goes my assumption of me being well educated down the drain! ).

The other bunch just couldn’t get that perfect picture. I’m sure their Instagram accounts had seen no activity since the past hour. How torturous… what would the world do without the insightful knowledge of their whereabouts? The country is going through troubled times these days and the least those concerned citizens could do is put up a decent picture. (maybe they should have also clicked while paying through their cards).

This led me to think… have I grown old? I immediately rubbished that! After all, they were much elder to me. (I know since one of them was happily narrating  as to how free she is now that her 18 year old is away from the house).  Which led me to another thought… am I socially uneducated as to what the latest trends are? Is this how I also sound when I’m with my friends? (God forbid!) or am I simply oblivious to the fact that such a breed exists in my own city? Which led me to another thought… why in the world am I spending so much time thinking about them in the first place?

Well, all said and done, A and me had a fun and entertaining time, sipping on cutting and elaichi chai respectively, without having uttered a single word ourselves, while the ladies complained of not having enough time for themselves and just wanting to tell their husbands, ‘thodi hawa aane de’. They quickly agreed on the next party date and busied themselves with the food. A parting thought… they do serve a purpose after all 😉

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