Kabhi Kabhi Mere dil mein khayaal aata hai… ki agar Virat aur zor lagaata to sixer bhi lag sakta tha; Misbah ul haq na hota to unke run kum ho sakte the; tendu ji hote to hum jeetne ki aur bhi umeed rakh sakte the.

Teeming millions around the world are gearing up for THE event, which comes once in four years. One would think that there would be more takers to watch the cricket world cup than the even more rare sighting of Hailey’s Comet! But for most Indians and I assume Pakistanis, the world cup starts and ends on the 15th Feb.

As if any extra motivation was needed, we even have a guy on TV waiting eagerly for the 5-0 score line to end, so that he can finally burst the crackers! So what is it with a match between these two countries? People who are normally nonchalant about what’s happening with the neighbouring country suddenly have extra adrenaline pumping in their system!

If one was to go by the numerous news reports, the tickets for the eagerly-awaited contest were allegedly sold out in 20 minutes for the 50,000-capacity stadium, with the South Australian government expecting around 20,000 Indian travellers! I wonder if the respective citizens experience a similar frenzy during the Ashes??

To top it all, we have Amitabh Bachchan joining Kapil Dev and Harsha Bhogle for the commentary! Now I would have personally preferred SRK, and nobody can match our DD commentators if you want an extra dose of entertainment!

The madness of watching a live match will of course remain unparalleled. So what if I can’t be part of the Mexican waves… I will have the luxury of home delivery! So here’s to a nail biting finish!




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