I never cease to amaze myself! Today was one of those days and I was surprised at my capacity to endure a double whammy! Mohanjodaro is by far the most agonizing movies of epic proportions in the recent past.

         But I’m getting ahead of myself. For all those who want to be witness to feats such as men dressed as animal costumes and dancing on full moon nights; the protagonist taming four horses at once by climbing just on one (hmmm the horses leader I presume?); the leading (if you must say so) lady with the weird head gear (and give your history books a break where there is no mention of head gear with feathers and coins but depict the bronze dancing girl); or hear words like ‘Janaawar’ or ‘Sapina’, Animal or dream as the lowly mortals of the present civilization understand better, this movie is a must see! Ashutosh Gowarikar is definitely a fan of Ben-Hur, Ten Commandments and Gladiator but couldn’t make up his mind as to which he liked better!

         Just as you start thinking that Ashutosh Gowarikar may finally have solved the mystery of how the great Indus Valley Civilization might have ended, he decides to kind of take it into a new direction (after incorporating the internal aggression and the natural calamity theory) and we get to learn, for the first time, that it was in fact a messiah from that age who had christened the old river in a new direction, as the Ganga! I question education system where such gyan is forthcoming only from films!

         Ho Hum! I’m so vellah… How about I rope in my fellow vellah Hrithik and make a movie! The idea that gave birth to this movie?? My great Indian novel now seems a tangible possibility!

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