My Neighbours

Eggs, delivery at the gate, at 11.00 P.M.; the sudden urge of having coke on rocks, satiated, 12 midnight; regular delivery of cakes, sandwiches, et al, throughout the year; willing baby sitters; counselors; the emergency exit plan; source of all local, handy information. Oh God! What would I have ever done without my astounding neighbours!

Much like family, you either have or don’t have good neighbours and lucky are those who find a certain comfort level with theirs. You don’t need to dress up and act all formal, just get up, put on your slippers and walk in next door!

Needless to say, you might be perceived as unwanted or parasites indeed, always wanting to munch on their goodies and taking undue advantage of their kindness. So in order to avoid being totally unwelcome or ultimately be banned from your neighbours premises, it’s time that we too start being good! (Or at least give out the impression of being so!)

It makes me wonder sometimes if the lady next door is a witch! (remember the TV show bewitched??); or maybe an alien disguised in human form… studying human behavior or setting up base to take over the planet Earth (in which case I might end up saving or destroying, for that matter, humanity as we know it today); a spy maybe? Who’s all homely and always has something coming out from the oven when you meet her in the evenings but when the need arises, is shooting down goons and saving government secrets (hmm definitely less of Jackie Chan movies for me). The options are endless…

This made me think… am I good neighbour? My immediate response would obviously be yes but I think I may not be the best judge here. After all, I don’t recall a single day where I might have been of any help! (Of course I might have unwittingly contributed to their enhanced understanding of the superior beings that we are on this planet) but talking on a more ‘earthly plane’, I guess I shall leave that to be answered by the neighbours! I’m certainly being appreciative of them! (even if it is a feeble, albeit genuine attempt at another blueberry cheese cake!)

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  1. Excellently written, a gentle reminder to look within ourselves.

  2. Sahej Sandhu

    Amazing post haha! Cheers, to an amazing neighbour! 😀

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