Piku… the Review!



Dutiful children, demanding parents, constipation and a fresh perspective from outside of the family… this pretty much sums up what the movie has to offer!

The father (A. Bachchan) is perpetually concerned about his health and seriously believes how the bowel movement can have an all pervasive effect… so now we know what to blame for in times of stress, tantrums, heavy rains and corruption! Piku, his daughter (D.Padukone) is juggling with his untimely and at times unnecessary demands, her work and her aunts pressure to find a guy and settle down, which in turn is opposed by her dad for the simple reason that if he has given birth to her, why should she go serve some other family?? (hmm food for thought) and also that marriage without purpose is indicative of a low IQ. (A social message perhaps then that educated women shouldn’t waste their lives in preparing the perfect omelet when they could be out there engineering the perfect rocket). Rana Chaudhary (Irrfan Khan) is the owner of the taxi company who agrees to drive the father daughter and servant trio to Kolkata (primarily because no other driver is ready to put up with Piku) and is also the one who is able to get a word in edgeways, in his endeavor to make the family think beyond their limited conversation. (uhh not really!)

Impressive acting prowess shown by Mr. Bachchan and Mr. Khan. Special mention to the nondescript servant who puts in his two bits now and then. And Deepika, well, any other actress (if you so wish to call them such these days), would have delivered.

All in all, if you can ignore the irritating brand endorsements sprinkled throughout the movie, a good lazy afternoons watch!




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  1. I dont know about the movie as I haven’t watched it but your writing sure is very entertaining! and of course very insightful and perceptive as always. I would love that you continue to write more movie reviews.

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