Confession: I was totally reluctant to go see Sarbjit the movie, the main reason being Aishwarya Rai and it turns out I was correct! I had heard that the movie leaves you in tears. Having seen the movie, I felt tortured, thanks to Ms. Rai, who, from this day on shouldn’t call herself an actress. The least she could have done was to work on her character, her dialogue, pronunciation, diction etc. No sister in Punjab calls her brother ‘bhaai’! If she was having difficulties saying ‘Bhra’, she could have stuck to ‘veer’. I am sure that in her mind she had mastered how to speak ‘n’ and was continuously showing off, least realizing that it was totally off the mark and making it difficult to bear her! Her continual screeching at the top of her voice didn’t help either.

             Randeep Hooda looked good but even he couldn’t master the dialect. I had high hopes from him and truth be told, probably the sole reason I decided to go watch the movie; but then he didn’t have much of a role to play in the movie. Richa Chadha, in whatever scenes she got, was fine, definitely doing a better job than Aishwarya Rai. A’s comment: They deliberately made the others act bad and speak poor Punjabi so that Aishwarya doesn’t look bad. Alas! Even that didn’t work and a movie which otherwise had potential and could be totally tear jerking and thought provoking, turned out to be torturous, albeit in a manner not intended. It was more a story of Dalbir, the sister and her life rather than than Sarbjit.

             Will I recommend this movie? In case you haven’t already guessed, please keep away! Will I see another Aishwarya Rai starer? Haha I don’t even need to answer that! How many stars do I give? ZERO, if that’s a possibility!

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