An out and out laugh riot! It’s been really long since I last saw a movie with a good plot, good acting and lots of laughs! I will not write anything about the movie. To be frank, I didn’t even feel like picking up my phone and jotting a few things down, lest I miss out on anything!

Full marks to Diljit Dosanjh for his acting prowess, comic timing and good dancing! The ghosts in the movie play their part well and how can Jaswinder Bhalla go wrong? The movie has taken Punjabi Cinema to a new level!

Sardar Ji goes on to show how one can have the cake and eat it too! The ghost buster, to whom only the mindset of ghosts makes sense, is looking for a ghost bride for himself!

I can go on and on but hey! What are you still doing here? Catch the next show!