shareek pic

               A Jatt will go to any length to protect his land… the theme of the latest movie, Shareek! Brothers turn into bitter enemies, don’t think twice before doing away with their paternal uncle (over a dispute of the uncle getting a better and equal piece of land even though they had been absentee landlords for a major part of their lives, triggered by a smaller dispute of water sharing), the son getting back, and so on!

               Unfortunate though it may be, it is the sad reality. Civil disputes taking an ugly turn, ‘daangs’ being the preferred mode of dispute resolution, voluntarily going to jail as long as appropriate revenge is taken from the errant cousin. Jassa (Sheirgill), has to flee the country after killing one of his four cousins and consequently has to leave behind his love interest. Told by his sister in law that she took her own life, he gets a shock that she had in fact married another one of his cousins, in order to give an honorable birth to his child. The eldest cousin knows this fact and raises the boy by instilling hatred towards the cousin and his family. It is the son, who unknowingly shoots the otherwise unconquerable Jassa, the makers thus depicting that there is no stopping to take that revenge!
Jimmy Sheirgill has done a superb job of the guy who literally lives just for the family and protecting its land. His acting prowess is worth a special mention and in my view, is the only factor, which keeps the movie going! All the main characters have carried out their roles well. (Special mention to the paternal aunt).
Did I like the film? I’m not sure what to say… the plot is realistic and I liked Jimmy Sheirgill on the screen, after a long time! I think I’ll give it three and a half stars!

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