Stationery, with Love!

I read a tweet just now about how someone likes stationery shops fascinating. I could relate to it immediately! Since childhood, as soon as I stepped into one, I have felt like buying out the entire store. Of course, that fantasy still remains!

What make me wonder is the way I used to preserve the unique and different kind of notebooks that did come to my possession (I still have them). My logic is simple, albeit irrational to most people… why spoil a beautiful creation with ink and confine it to the bin?

People collect all sorts of things and me, well, I collect stationery! The new kinds of pens (I don’t see very good fountain pens though), the diaries with different segments, the organisers (even if I don’t have a single day to plan in the entire year!), the sticky notes and their innumerable variations, the staplers, the differently shaped sharpeners, the varieties of pencils, letter pads, oh! I can go on and on!

An obsession, a liking, a hobby, whatever you name it, I will probably keep collecting and preserving stationery… to what end, no one knows, but as an avid Snoopy fan, I need to have the equipment ready for THAT great novel!

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  1. You are getting there! I love the way you weave words and put it all together.

  2. Nice hobby. But what do you do with so much stuff.

    • Haha I’m good at preserving stuff; use some at the ‘right’ moment!

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