I had no hopes from the movie but Sultan surprised me! The movie is all about a man wanting to prove that he isn’t without a goal and has grit within him. He becomes a ‘Pehlwan’ to impress a girl ‘pehlwan’ and ultimately wins her heart and marries her. They have a tragic incident, he quits wrestling after being declared world champion and when the owner of pro take down franchise comes to seek him, decided to re enter the arena, to redeem himself of a major wrongdoing.

                  A n me liked the movie. A confirmed that the Haryanvi dialect wasn’t off the mark and many joked cracked and words used are authentic Haryanvi! The movie showcases how passion can take a man to heights he himself could never imagine and how important it is to stay grounded, down to Earth and have ones priorities clear in life. Anushka doesn’t think twice before giving up her life long dream of winning an Olympic gold and confidently tells her father how her husbands smile is her gold.

         Salman Khan has done a good job in the movie. He has awesome expressions at times and doesn’t disappoint his fans. Anushka Sharma, of whom I have no particular like, I must admit, has done a very good job. She has worked hard on training and her Haryanvi accent (much unlike Aishwarya Rai, who didn’t deliver a single, authentic sounding sentence in Punjabi, in Sarabjeet!). The entire cast has done its job well and no character seems out of place. Randeep Hooda? Well, what can I say…Sarabjeet has ruined him! The songs were good and so were the dance sequences and the guns going off in a wedding! A’s verdict… Movie Superhit hai! Me, it’s definitely a one time watch and you don’t come out disappointed. And oh! Did I mention how Salman Khan at some time says he likes SRK??

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