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         With the movie starting with marriage counseling in a mental asylum, with psychiatrists (I presume), speaking in hindi, you certainly have doubts over how the movie will unfold. The 4 year marriage old, bored with her husband wife, leaves him admitted there and after pondering over her next step, calls his brother to go and release the husband. (Maybe trying to tell the audience she still loves him!).

         The movie then goes on to show how both react differently to the same situation. Kangana becomes carefree, re-connects with her friends and in between, shows her ‘I’m actually running away from reality’ face. Madhavan basically becomes a recluse and while his mom relentlessely chats away (no, wait… irritatingly nags away) in the background, he gets to hear ‘gyan’ from his dad… Your 4 years of suffering is nothing to 40 years of mine and getting bored is the way of life! Well, many of us may not be able to agree to that, but it does correctly portray the majority mindset. 

         Madhavan finds himself falling for the Haryanavi version of his estranged wife. In fact, Tanu sums it up pretty well, ‘Reebok nahi to Reebuk hi sahi!’ Whether it’s love, a rebound or attraction for a lookalike, it certainly sets in fast and to the extent that he wants to marry her… or does he?? (hmph, Men! Remember, his wife never got serious with anyone, despite a brilliant Chintu and a dashing Jimmy Shergill, so after her).

         The movie does have its funny moments and Haryanvi Tanu’s brother gives a befitting message to the orthodox Haryanvis to let go of their girls and spread their wings. Kangana does an overall good job. Madhavan, for me, was a drag! I understand that he had to be muted and in the background, but then the script demanded the same from Chintu and Jimmy Shergill, who incidentally, were brilliant!

         Basically, if you are ready to overlook the predictable ending (which I personally feel could have been more dramatic), the at times fake Haryanvi accent, the sub-plots, which really make no sense (but on second thought, which is a good thing… for they touch sensitive issues without going off the main story), and for all those who would like to see a can’t live with or without you story of a couple, you could venture to go and see it!

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