The Simple Truths

Everyone has questions!There are questions which have always arisen in my mind and they still do at times, in spite of the fact that I have now succumbed to the mundane routine of adulthood. Now I’m no philosopher or psychologist (no matter how much I want to be) but I have tried to find the answers. I’m sure every other person would have gone through the same but like everyone else, I would like to believe that I’m different. Isn’t that the basic premise taught in the first psychology lecture… no two individuals are alike!

So maybe we all have questions and we all find answers… the difference probably in what we find or stumble upon. And maybe our answers change with time by reasons attributable to change in perception, experience or just with the graying of hair…

It is possible that we never hit upon the answers… why? We can’t understand the question, we don’t recognize ourselves truly or simply and most often, we give up thinking about it… questions which seemed so philosophical with a firm belief to be having some magical answers, are forced to be looked upon from a different perspective as we grow older… Silly!

The question that now remains is… what questions arise?? That too I guess is different?! I’m sure everyone has pondered upon why prices are rising and when corruption shall abate and how the weather shall hold up on their wedding day but what about the more meaningful ones?? Maybe like what made me get up from the comfort of my bed at 2 at night? It’s simple… It was meant to be… Something made me get up; switch on my laptop n type all this… What is this something? Is it a force? Was it God who whispered in my ears or made me think that it’s my own idea? Am I simply insane? There are probably no answers though some would readily put me in the insane category (we always knew!) but to my mind, it’s simple… I knew I had to get up and write it down, despite my inherent laziness and apparent logic! Now how I knew is another question, but I did.

So how does one find answers? It’s simple… you don’t have to find them… you already know them! So if I already know them, why the alleged quest of finding them…why do I ask them? maybe because I know some truths n facts about me and my life but just haven’t been able to place them together. Just a thought!



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