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Time travel is something that at some point of time we have all read about, wondered about, criticized but at the same time, secretly wanted Doreamon to give us the time travel gadget.

Scientists now think, generically put, that if we are able to travel at the speed at which light travels, or even close, time travel would be possible. Theories of wormholes are prevalent. Time travel in the past though not impossible, but at the moment is seemingly so, as per the current understanding. Well, I’ll leave that to the scientific minds to figure out. What interests me more are the consequences/outcomes of time travel.

It does make me wonder though… if time travel existed, why don’t we see people from the future? Or is it that they might be more evolved… invisible to sight or maybe have some rules to observe us from a distance, meet us in disguise, etc. etc. Another question is then, would they be allowed to help us? If yes, why aren’t we in a better state? Or are we?? And why would anyone want to travel to the past anyways? And what effect would there be if we could actually travel to the future? I see myself as rich, think I know I’m going to be rich and maybe then I don’t follow the path of hard work that I had once (in the future for me, but the past for my future self) and don’t turn out the way I saw myself to be? There! I just changed not only mine but others future as well… considering that I must also then have a number of employees and now that I’m not as rich as I was supposed to be, I don’t hire people!

Imagine… what would happen if someone from the future comes and visits us? Ourselves maybe… make some changes and obviously the future isn’t going to be the way our future self saw it. Now my question is… will his memories change or will he have two sets of memories? It is mind-boggling to think about time travel. What if you went back in time and prevented your father and mother from meeting? You would prevent yourself from ever having been born! But then if you hadn’t been born, you could not have gone back in time to prevent them from meeting or then maybe you are born to different parents and then go back again and prevent the new set of parents from meeting and the circle continues!

There is another question that pops to mind… the past; present and future seem to be going on together. I mean, here I am writing in this room on my system today and allegedly, my future self is also using the system in the very same seat, albeit doing something else, tomorrow! How do you explain the concept of the same space being used and apparently, it’s not just two days but a number of years and not to forget, a few years ago, on this very land was something else and a few years later, someone else in a different building would be residing, but apparently, all these things are happening together.

Philosophically speaking, we all travel through time. Come to think of it, we are presently living in the past. The present is that fleeting moment when my finger touches the keypad. In less than a second, it’s all the past!

Some people claim to ‘just know’ which path to follow. Is it possible that knowingly or unknowingly to them, it is their future self or anyone from the future for that matter, who is guiding them?

Is it possible that maybe I’m from the future and writing all this just to confuse all those who read it? You may never know. For all I know, me, in the present might also never know!






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