The Sheena Bora case has captured the imagination of the country and reaffirmed the old age adage that fact is certainly stranger than fiction! But then, to be frank enough, I don’t really know all the facts and come to think of it, who does?? I mean, even the police investigation is not complete as yet and the media, under the garb of investigative journalism or whatever jingoism they might use, has already started the trial!

The Supreme Court has really minced no words against trial by media but then who can curb Arnab’s freedom of speech? I heard him saying that he’s a fan of Sherlock… I wonder if he’s ever read even a single unabridged story where the characteristic Mr. Holmes has not uttered a single word till the time he has ascertained the relevant from the irrelevant facts. But then I’m straying from the main issue (such is the influence of Mr. Goswami!)

My point is different… let the investigative journalism focus on other things… say, why the petrol/diesel prices haven’t seen a proportionate cut in prices despite crude oil prices being at an all time low since 2009; how the tax payers money is being utilized (or not) and why the government wants to take away the LPG subsidy; why reservation should be done away with; for that matter, let them cover the superstars but let the police do its work!