I saw a skimpy dog trying to scale a huge college wall today. Amused at first, the oft-said saying then came to mind… try try again and you shall succeed. And then a thought… what if you keep trying for something that you can never achieve? The dog may never know the enormity of the task but keeps trying. Maybe he heard the story of the spider and got inspired, and carried on with his efforts.

       But, then what is it that propels the human race? Hope? (Remember the thing that sustains life?) So is it true that hope might simply be a psychological trick played by all of us, to just carry on in ones endeavor to achieve something when, to an objective observer, the task is something that can never be completed?

        Or am I not interpreting the saying properly? Try try, O human brain and thou shalt come up with alternate solutions. Maybe because some brilliant minds didn’t give up, they came out with an original, out of the box solution which today, to an ordinary person, was the most obvious thing to do!

       As for me, well, anyone could have thought up all those intriguing mysteries and thrillers and maybe, one day, I too will write that great novel!

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