Another great movie, which ensures that you laugh, all the way till the end! Having said that, I am still not able to make up my mind given the fact that the movie had a lot of drawbacks as well.

         The movie revolves around two jail inmates: one a forlorn lover falsely implicated to keep him away from his girl and the other, a small time toy seller, who had slapped a cop for being negligent with his son on the road. Both of them make a plan to flee from jail and are successful but only to find out that the jailor had arranged a pardon for them the very next day! Unable to wrong the jailor who took pains to get them a pardon, they decide to go back to jail, in order to be released.

         The basic plot is good. The sub plots, a tad bit unbelievable but what really makes you sit through and enjoy the movie are the characters, their dialougues and amazing comic timing! The jailor, Jaswinder Bhalla takes the cake! B.N. Sharma, his aide in jail comes in next. Jimmy Shergill does an average job as does Sunil Grover. Binnu Dhillon evoked a lot of expectation but was totally under utilized. The girl, whose name I shall not bother to even google, was unimpressive and totally forgettable!

         All in all, despite the many weaknesses, Jaswinder Bhalla and B.N. Sharma lead the audiences to laugh and have a good time! Should you go watch it? Definitely yes!

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