Confession: I went with mixed feelings to watch the movie and it seems my instincts were more or less right! Arshad Warsi, the expelled Navy officer starts off with a disappointing start, especially when we know he can do much better! So much so, at times, Jacky Bhagnani came across as a better comedian! To attribute it to a weak script, screenplay, the actors or a combination of the above, is anybody’s guess.

The first half edges towards unbearable and at one point, I did contemplate getting up. The makers did try hard to create comic situations but what I wonder what made them think that one gunshot outside the Indian consulate would result in shots form representatives of Israel, Palestine, china, Russia et al to turn out funny? In retrospect actually, it did have potential, but fell flat! Also, Bollywood seems to have a new love for carrying out deliveries by people with no past knowledge of the same. (Now, were the makers trying to be sarcastic here? If so, they failed, again!)

In all fairness, the second half was markedly better, where I did get to laugh now and then. Take an example… when they reach what they think is the border, don’t see wires, and comment… It’s the border where people on both sides are thieves, where will you find the wires?!

All in all, the movie had potential… loads of it! Imagine… two Indian buffoons land in Pakistan accidentally, end up being trained by no less than Taliban itself, ultimately blowing up a major camp of theirs, USA and Pakistan both clamoring for credit for the same, with a Pakistan Minister beating everyone, giving them identities of Pak soldiers and creating a complete fake family! The press conference is hilarious! How they become heroes and refuse to come back to India! Sounds appealing doesn’t it? But unfortunately, the makers failed to deliver despite a promising storyline!

I have been asked by quite a few, to give ratings to the movies that I review. So here goes… on a scale of 1-5, I’ll give it a 2.5!

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